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About Westley-Davis Academy Online

Our primary focus as an educational institution is to provide the highest quality of instruction for our youth.  The high school services students in grades 9th through 12th grade.  We believe quality care can be achieved through a combination of education, experience, a learning attitude and a love for our youth. 

The school communicates and maintains focus on results by implementing a vision for student learning through goals and strategies.  The school communicates high expectations for student achievement to all stakeholders involved in the student learning process.  The student learning experience is a continuously developing process that permeates all levels of the school.  The school believes and acts on a compelling, shared belief that, collectively, staff and other stakeholders can impact the desired results of the school.

Westley Davis Academy Dual Credit Program for High School and Home School Students

Dual Credit enables a high school student to earn credit that applies to high school graduation and also earn college credits that will transfer to a University or an Associate Degree.

Dual Credit courses are generally offered by colleges or Universities therefore making it approved and regulated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  Dual Credit classes are college level classes, taught by college faculty, using the same curricula, materials, and standards as classes taught on a regular college campus.

A student can attend college classes on campus or a nearby high school.   Many of these classes are offered online via Internet access.

There are many benefits of participating in dual credit:  It allows a student to get the feel of taking college classes in high school to ensure an easier transition to college.  It also allows a student to take core college classes.  The students become proficient in following a syllabus, meeting classroom and understanding course requirements.  The students become proficient in utilizing research techniques and citing works used to avoid plagiarism.  This also allows students to enhance critical thinking and studying skills.  This also helps alleviates college costs for the students down the road once the student has graduated high school.

To qualify for a Dual Credit class, a high school student must meet several key requirements:

Be classified as a high school freshman and have completed the 8th grade.

Exemptions are available for those who demonstrate outstanding academic performance.)

Meet school district or high school requirements for taking a Dual Credit class.

Be recommended for Dual Credit by his or her high school authority.

Meet the State of Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements and college testing requirements.

Meet course prerequisite requirements.

This program is tailored to meet the needs of home school students.





Our Mission

Our mission is to provide equal education opportunities for everyone and create a learning environment that challenges and excites children. In addition, we strive to contribute to the community by combining youth programs with educational outreach initiatives.