Westley-Davis Academy Online

Virtual High School

Getting Started


Begin your course!

You will be allowed to log in to your course within five business days from when your payment is received. An information packet providing all necessary passwords, as well as a welcome letter from the school and your teacher, will be sent to you by mail and email. You're ready to begin learning!

When you receive notification that you are enrolled in the program you will enter the cyber virtual school by using your log on identification number and password and take several on-line learning style assessments.  You will be directed to the course section and select the five courses you want to take this semester.    

By way of introduction, you will first take a three-day orientation course that will prepare you to be a successful on-line student.  This course will familiarize you with all of the skills and techniques you will need to navigate the Virtual School.   

Upon completion of the orientation program, you will begin completing your assigned courses one lesson at a time.  Demonstration of mastery for each lesson is required to progress to the next lesson.  Your on-line teachers and other cyber friends will provide support and assistance as you complete each assignment.   

It is to your advantage to devote as much time as possible to completing each course.  You will get credit for each course as soon as you complete each course requirements.    Some students will enroll in their five classes and spend more time completing one or two to get them out of the way and take more time on the other two or three. Others will spend an equal amount of time on each course each day as though you were attending a class at a traditional school.  Either way, you have plenty of time to finish and you can work anytime and anyplace on these courses.   

Each course is designed so that you will be provided some information and asked to go to the Internet to look at additional information.  You will then be directed to participate in an activity that will require you to collect some of the information provided you in addition to some information you have to find on your own.  These activity grades will be averaged and account for 70 % of your grade.  We believe that in this way your learning will be more fun for you and you will acquire a variety of learning skills that will help you throughout your life.  

You will be given tests regularly and the tests will also be online.  The tests scores will be averaged and will count as 20 % of your grade.   


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