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Who attends Westley Davis Academy Online School?

The students who attends Westley Davis Academy Online School are students who are needing credits to complete their high school diploma. Students are able to complete credits on-line.  The School accepts students who want to take additional courses for academic improvement, who want to catch up, who are enrolling because their work schedule prohibits them from attending traditional public school, who are on probation and find the online school less intimidating, and students who have become parents and now have more demand on their time.  Students enrolling in the program are gifted and talented, who are bored with traditional public school, students who are home schooled and want to continue their autonomy while obtaining professional instruction for high school courses.  Students enrolling in the program are students with special needs that can be better met from home participating in online instruction.

Can I receive a diploma through Westley Davis Academy Online?
You can receive a diploma through Westley Davis Academy. This depends on how many high school credits you currently have and how many courses you take on-line.  A student transcript will be evaluated when you register and courses will be added to that transcript as you complete them.  When you meet the minimum graduation requirements of 22 credits, you will be issued an official high school diploma.

Can my credits be transferred to another school?
These credits can be transferred. Each school district has different rules about accepting credits from other institutions.

Can I take more than one course at a time?
Yes, you are required to enroll full-time unless you only need a couple of courses to graduate. Students in the 12th grade must take a minimum number of courses to graduate with a diploma.  Full time enrollment consists of five courses.

How long does it take to complete each course?
Each course is different and you can work at your own pace. Each course lasts a semester, which is 15 – 18 weeks depending on how fast you complete your course.  It is expected that you will devote four hours per week on each course.

How do I register for courses?
Registration is a two-step process. To register, you complete an online enrollment form and send us a copy of your birth certificate and social security card. 

An enrollment certification letter will be mailed for you and your parent to sign and return.   

Then you will be given a letter of acceptance with a log on identification number and password.  You will log on and begin taking your courses.   

What does it cost?
Our courses are economically priced to meet the needs of our students.  Please contact the school for additional pricing information.

If I fail an exam or assignment, can I do it over?
Yes, our goal is for you to learn the course subject and have an understanding of the material. If you fail an assignment or exam you can take it over anytime.

What are the school's testing procedures?
Each student is given a unique username and password. The students take the test on-line and the results are available immediately.  Students are allowed to use specific resources to complete the exam (lessons, Internet and notes).

What is to keep students from cheating?
All exams require a username and password for secure test taking. All assignments require original thought and research. Each student signs an honor policy at the registration process.

How can I get help with my course work?
There are many ways to get help. Each course has a list of additional resources and websites that will assist you in completing the course. We have on-line instructors to whom you can e-mail questions and problems. We also have an on-line bulletin board to post questions and start conversations with instructors and classmates.

How do I get my grades?
At the completion of each course you will receive a grade report in the mail. At the end of all your courses you will receive a copy of your transcript.

If I have a technical problem, where do I go for help?
Please contact the school for technical support issues. 

Does the online program support both Macintosh and PC users?

Yes, both Macintosh and PC users can use the school’s course software.

What advantages are there for this type of education?

We have realized the following advantages for an online school:

n      Students who are tutored or who study individually or in very small groups have been found to achieve close to two standard deviations above the mean of comparable students in grouped instruction

n      Students who study independently are better prepared for post-secondary studies

n      Students are more likely to edit and refine their work when using a productivity tool like word processing software than if they were using pen and paper.

n      Students are not inhibited by time or shyness factors of a traditional classroom environment

n      Students can review every aspect of their class activities to include class lectures, presentations, assignments, and group discussions because all of these items have been digitally recorded, a clear benefit over oral communications that can easily be forgotten. 

Does Westley Davis Academy Online support home-schooled students?

Absolutely!  Educators at Westley Davis Academy Online understand the demands of home schooling and realize that parents will need assistance from time to time.  

How many credits may a student transfer in to Westley Davis Academy Online and still receive a Diploma?

Students may transfer all credits previously earned from other schools to meet graduation requirements of Westley Davis Academy Online.  A minimum of five credits must be taken from Westley-Davis Academy Online.

Would there be a certain schedule each day for working online or would we just do our assignments at our own pace?

A virtual school means students may take courses anytime and from anyplace.  As with any disciplined learning, however, you should determine a good schedule for you to set aside four hours each day, at least five days each week to log on and do your on line course.  You may customize your own schedule such as a regular 8 am until noon each day, or maybe noon until 4 pm each day, or even mornings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and evenings on Tuesday, and Thursday.  You determine the schedule but be consistent each week and you will complete all your work in about 15 – 18 weeks. 

Are students able to select their own classes or is there a mandatory program or course schedule that they must follow?

Students are free to enroll in any course.  Some courses are grade specific such as ninth grade English or World Geography but you may communicate with the online counselor if you have appropriate placement questions. 

How much actual Internet time can we expect the courses to use?  We live in a rural community and only have dial up service with a local Internet Provider. 

You should plan on spending a minimum of four hours each day, five days each week on the Internet.  That means your account should give you unlimited access or at least 100 hours per month. 

When does the program start? 

The program is open enrollment.  The moment you decide to withdraw from traditional public school and enroll in the Virtual School, you may do so.  If you start now, you may work very hard and complete a course on line about the same time your friends are completing their courses this May. 

Does the program allow a student to attend their regular public school and take online courses? 

This program is a complete virtual high school.  Students taking dual courses must have permission from their resident school.  You may be enrolled in a private or parochial school and take your courses to supplement your school courses for credit or additional credit.   

What are the timelines for completing a course and the individual assignments? 

Once you begin your online courses, you will work through individual lessons.  Each lesson should take you a day or as much as a week to complete.  As you complete a lesson you may continue at your own pace to the next lesson until you have completed all lessons and assignments.  Each course assignment will have a suggested assignment due date that you may follow.  You will be enrolled in five courses for a full load and will determine which courses to work on to meet your schedule.  You will get credit for a course as you complete the course.  You should be able to complete all courses by the end of a traditional semester.   



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